RavenApps has created several successful apps on the Ravencoin blockchain. Could your business operate better using a custom built app on Ravencoin? There are serveral businesses that have successfully integrated Ravencoin into their business. For example, These companies are all using Ravencoin.
You can see our work here.


It is 100% free... IF you are fine with the code being put open-source (anyone can see the code) and I believe in your idea. Otherwise, I charge an hourly rate of $70. This can be lowered if I believe in your project or not.


About Us:



I am a Python and C developer who has created every app you see here. Every app is written in Django or Python, although I can use most common web languages, like PHP or Node.js. I have been using Ravencoin and blockchain for over a year. You can see my projects in GitHub and read my blog.